Diecast Crib is a modular, stackable storage system for toy cars such as Matchbox, Hotwheels, Johnny Lightning, Green Light Collectibles, M2 Machines and all 1:64 cars.  Cars are easily accessed by simply opening a drawer which tilts down when fully extended.

Advantages of Diecast Crib

  • Ease of Access – simply open a drawer to access your cars instead of finding the correct snap top case which will have to be moved and opened.
  • Organization – drawers have a front label – so that you may easily find the desired car.
  • Minimize wear and tear on cars – drawer dividers are soft which will minimize wear and tear.  Moving a drawer back and forth is much more gentle than picking up and moving a snap top box.
  • Neat appearance – Cribs stack on top of each other for a neat uniform appearance as opposed to snap top boxes placed randomly.
  • Affordable – A crib holds 63 cars at $59.95, the cost per car stored is $0.95.

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