Product Info

Diecast Crib is a set of drawers for holding diecast cars.  It is compact, modular and stackable.  Drawers tilt down when fully extended.

The advantages of diecast crib are:

  • Easy access to cars – simply open a drawer to find a car instead of finding a car in a plastic box with a snap on lid which has to be accessed and then opened.
  • Easy access to cars and organization – front drawers of diecast crib can be labelled so that you can quickly find a car instead of searching through multiple unlabeled plastic boxes.
  • Easy access to cars – drawer tilts downward when fully extended so that cars may be accessed and viewed very easily.
  • Minimize damage to cars – drawer inserts are soft and will cushion cars.  Drawers are pulled forward and tilted down instead of having a box which is being moved around a lot more and cause more wear and tear on a car.
  • Neat appearance – cribs stack on top of each other for a uniform appearance instead of having snap top boxes pile on top of each other.
  • Affordable – at $59.95 per crib – the cost per storing each car is: $0.95 per car.

More Details:

Drawer inserts are made with 26 point paperboard.

The dimensions of a three drawer Diecast Crib are Dimensions: W 12 3/8″, H 9 2/3″, D 12 3/16″

Diecast Crib is made in the USA.

Each drawer holds 21 cars.  Each Diecast Crib holds 63 cars.

Above is a single Crib.  Above right are two Cribs stacked together.

Below is a Crib with the drawer tilted down.  We recommend holding onto drawer when it it tilted down to minimize risk of the crib tilting and falling.