Diecast Crib Three Drawer


    Diecast car storage


    Three drawer Diecast Crib.  Holds 21 hot wheels or matchbox sized cars per drawer for a total of 63 in the Crib.  This unit is stackable in case you would like multiple Diecast Cribs.  We recommend that no more than three Diecast Cribs be stacked because of the weight of the cars.  The dimensions are: Dimensions: W 12 3/8″, H 9 2/3″, D 12 3/16″.

    Diecast Crib is made in the USA.

    Drawers are removable and can be tilted downwards when fully extended.  Don’t let go of the drawer when tilting it down.


    Additional information

    Weight 9 lbs
    Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 in


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